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Our Clients

Target Client Description

Many of our clients are individuals approaching retirement or other life changes who may be more risk-sensitive, but still want to plan for a comfortable retirement and approach change proactively. Our clients are relationship-oriented collaborators who value informed decision making, partnership and education rather than total delegation or being told what to do. They are knowledgeable, informed people who understand and value the power of planning, making incremental steps towards reaching goals over time and embracing the opportunities that come with change. We love to work with family-oriented individuals who want to structure their financial lives to provide for and secure their families.

How our Firm Solves for Client Struggles

Our mission is to help our clients to understand the general principles of building and protecting wealth through personal consultation and education. We do this by preparing comprehensive financial reviews to help clients understand their total financial picture, utilizing different strategies and products to address different needs and getting to know our clients to truly understand them before providing guidance or committing to specific strategies.